What Is OpenIDL, the Open Insurance Data Link platform?- with Swapnil Bhartiya. OpenIDL is an open-source project created by the American Association of Insurance Services (AAIS) to reduce the cost of regulatory reporting for insurance carriers, provide a standardized data repository for analytics, and a connection point for third parties to deliver new applications to members. To learn more about the project, we sat down with Brian Behlendorf, General Manager for Blockchain, Healthcare and Identity at Linux Foundation, Joan Zerkovich, Senior Vice President, Operations at American Association of Insurance Services (AAIS) and Truman Esmond, Vice President, Membership & Solutions at AAIS.

A virtual meetup hosted by Hyperledger Dallas on June 22, 2021 featuring a discussion about openIDL with presenters Truman Esmond & Ken Sayers. The Open Insurance Data Link is an open blockchain network that streamlines insurance regulatory reporting while providing new insights for insurers, and enhancing timeliness, accuracy, and value for regulators. openIDL is the first open blockchain platform to enable the efficient, secure, and permissioned-based collection and sharing of statistical data. This presentation will include an overview of the business case, a demonstration of the platform, and a deeper dive into the architecture.

Hosted Discussion: Experience with openIDL to Build Industrywide Applications – Truman Esmond, AAIS  at Hyperledger Global Forum 2021- A brief overview of the openIDL architecture will be followed with how the network serves many types of analytic applications from state mandated regulatory reporting to collaborative efforts to build a platform to serve the industry in assessing catastrophe risks and the impact on the insurance industry. Three ongoing proof-of-concept trials will be presented including with a demonstration of the way regulators and carriers agree upon reports and how the output of analytics is made available to those who contributed to the solution.

North Dakota Insurance Commissioner Jon Godfread on Blockchain in InsuranceNorth Dakota Insurance Commissioner Jon Godfread shares his thoughts on the importance of blockchain technology in insurance data management, using AAIS’s recent openIDL blockchain platform pilot for regulatory reporting in North Dakota as a prime example of an optimal blockchain use case.

Leveraging Open Source Technology: Obstacles & OpportunitiesAAIS VP Truman Esmond hosted Hyperledger’s Brian Behlendorf, and Travelers Insurance’s Brian Hoffman and Arron Lamp for an enlightening discussion on the open source evolution in insurance.