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What data standard is being used?

The openIDL Technical Project will rely upon an upstream data standard called the Regulatory Reporting Data Standard, defined by AAIS for regulatory reporting and published under an open license, using the Insurance Information Warehouse (IIW) system from IBM. Licensing fees for IIW will be included in the membership dues of P&C insurance carriers for openIDL when deploying a node for regulatory reporting.

Who can join as a member?

Any organization may become a member of openIDL for a simple yearly membership fee based on the size of the organization. Joining the network to view data or transact may require executing an additional Network Agreement, to be defined by the openIDL Governing Board. Members who meet requirements may run a node on the openIDL network. AAIS’s new All Access Membership includes membership in openIDL/LF.

How is openIDL licensed?

As an open source project, all software source code developed will be licensed under an OSI-approved open source license, all interface specifications developed will be published under an open specification license, and all technical discussions between participants will take place publicly, further enhancing the ability to expand the network to include other participants. With an openly accessible network, organizations can develop their own proprietary applications and infrastructure integrations. Given its role in the formation of openIDL and the substantial body of intellectual property they bring to the project, AAIS will be a voting member of the Governing Board of openIDL for the first 5 years, renewable yearly by vote of the Governing Board thereafter.