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openIDL (open Insurance Data Link) is a permissioned blockchain network that streamlines regulatory reporting and provides new insights for insurers, while enhancing timeliness, accuracy, and value for regulators.

openIDL allows leveraging of private data of independent organizations for permitted, transparent and purposeful operations delivering specific value to participants and communities.

openIDL is a network, software and governance platform:

Enabling data privacy, control, quality and standards

For transparent, accountable, permissioned interactions

Across and within organizations, systems and communities

Cross-industry collaboration on a common problem:

Property & Casualty regulatory reporting

Fundamental, regulated, standardized data process for insurance

Between insurance carriers, state regulators and statistical agents

openIDL: governed, distributed, private, standard data network delivers:

Freedom, choice, efficiency and control for insurers

High-quality, timely information, enabling informed regulatory policy

A transparently-governed network of private, standard, protected data

Delivering aggregate insights and collaborative products to participants.

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